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Novaetus Strategy Development


Novaetus Helps Companies Develop Marketing Plans that Work

Your marketing plan is a step-by-step guide for your company's success. Unlike a business plan, which is meant to sell a company to investors, financial backers, or key management - marketing plans provide a “road map” for how a company engages and acquires customers and revenue.

Marketing plans can vary in size to over a 100 pages for very large companies, to 10 to 12 pages for smaller companies.

They contain both strategic components - including market research and analysis – and tactical components, such as “Action Plans”. We find that most companies don’t need a bulky marketing plan. Having a written marketing plan that is reasonably easy for your company to execute is what is most important for ongoing success.

In these days of competitive business, it's hard to turn your attention to the big picture, especially those parts that aren't directly related to the daily operation.  Don’t let a lack of perceived time interfere with development of your marketing plan.


For many companies, having an outside resource to assist with you with writing a marketing plan makes sense. Although you and your staff know your company best, an outside perspective can help bring focus to understanding what makes your company unique within your marketplace, who your target market is and what are the best ways to reach them.

We work with you and your Staff in a Discovery Session conduct complete competitive research, SWAT analysis, and customer experience research to develop the framework for your strategic marketing plan.

We drill down to the essentials of what your company needs to do to successfully grow revenue and market share, set goals within your final “deliverable” of an actionable plan.