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The Patient Center Medical Home is of delivering primary is a way of delivering primary care that empasizes coordination of care and communication between provider and patient.

Medical Homes lead to higher quality of care and a more equitable reimbursement for Medical Home providers. With many States and Payers offering financial incentives to practices that adopt the medical home, “Medical Home” practices continue to grow in numbers. The NCQA PCMH recognition is currently the most widely accepted way to qualify practices for rewards, and requires the use of a certified survey vendor to complete the surveys.

Your CAHPS PCMH survey can be used to gather “points” needed for your practice’s original recognition by NCQA as PCMH practice, and is a requirement for those practices that wish to achieve “Distinction” as a PCMH practice.

Who Is required to participate in CG CAHPS surveys:

  • Currently, CMS requires CGCAHPS data collection for medical practices with over 100 eligible professionals under one tax identification number who are submitting PQRS through the GPRO web interface
  • In 2015, CMS will start voluntary submission for practices with at least 25 eligible professionals
  • Both Pioneer ACOs and Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs are required to participate in annual CGCAHPS data collection as part of the ACO CAHPS PROGRAM


  • Named in 2012 and 2013 by Modern Healthcare as a TOP 20 Largest Patient Satisfaction surveys.
  • Incorporated in 2005, Novaetus has been fielding Patient Satisfaction Surveys since its inception for a variety of healthcare providers and has been fielding CAHPS surveys since 2010. Novaetus continues to excel in data accuracy and customer service.
  • Novaetus provides affordability, offering PCMH surveys in the two most affordable modes of surveying, mail and email surveying.  Call us for a price sheet, or to have us provide you with a quote on your survey project.
  • Novaetus will provide your practice with a dedicated CAHPS Survey Consultant to guide you through the entire survey process, from filling out the authorization form with NCQA, to understanding your survey results.  From the initial Eligible Patient file, we create your survey packet branded with your practice logo, distribute to eligible patients, collect the results and create and upload the completed files to the NCQA site.
  • Novaetus will provide you with an aggregated report of your results.  We also offer comparative data with other PCMH practices and suggestions for best practices to improve response rates and scores.
  • • We are able to field the survey in English or Spanish, and can answer questions from your patients regarding the survey in a variety of languages through our toll-free support line.