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Novaetus Online Marketing Solutions

It starts with a website . . . 
Your website is often the first point of contact that   potential customers may have with your company.

Therefore, it is your website that sets the stage for the entire scope of experience your customer has with your company. Make sure it is a great experience!

Your website should also build a case for why you are the logical choice to turn to when they are ready to purchase the services or products you provide. Content is key to having a website that is an effective tool to enhancing your company’s success!

Your website should enhance a customer’s on-line  experience by making sure information is easy to find  and your website clearly articulates  exactly what you can do for them. 

And finally, your website should be attractive, easy to read and navigate, quick to load, with on-line forms to “order” or request information from.


Website Development

If you are a start-up company that is looking for to launch your first website  or an established company who needs to update an existing website, Novaetus is able to provide you with a great website that will help you  to increase  website traffic as well as provide a great first impression and on-line experience to your customer.

We work with our clients to first understand their marketing goals, and incorporate those goals into the design of their website. This can include writing content and text for your pages. 

Novaetus website includes basic organic SEO built into site, meaning that we work to ensure that key word rich URL is in place, content is not buried within rich media, and that keyword rich content is provided on the website.

Social Media Support

Although an increasingly important tool for on-line marketing, Social Media can often be time consuming for companies to engage in properly.  Novaetus can assist your Social Media program in a variety of ways such as developing Facebook pages and creating Editorial Calendars.  Our Social media programs are customized to you match your particular company’s goals and objectives.

Email/Newsletter Campaigns

Email and Newsletter campaigns can be an important part of a marketing initiative, particularly for businesses that provide services and products to other business.