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The End Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System Final Rule for the  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) establishes the national implementation of  ICH CAHPS surveys in CY2014, and  requires each in-center hemodialysis facility that served 30 or more hemodialysis patients who meet survey eligibility criteria in 2013 to contract with a CMS-approved survey vendor to administer the ICH CAHPS Survey on its behalf.

The national implementation of ICH CAHPS surveys will be conducted on a semi-annual basis.  In 2014, however, the survey will be only administered one time in the fall of 2014.  Subsequent years will require that the survey be administered in the spring and the fall.


Novaetus currently provides the ICH CAHPS survey in mail mode. The ICH CAHPS survey is a standardized survey instrument, including 65 questions. Supplemental questions can be added to the survey.

The standard protocol for administering a survey in mail mode includes a pre-notification letter sent to the patient followed one week later by the survey packet.  The survey packet includes the survey itself, a cover letter, and a postage-paid business reply envelope.  Patients who do not respond to the first survey will receive a second survey packet, approximately three weeks after the first survey packet was sent. 

Novaetus processes patient’s survey responses, formats data files and uploads to the ICH CAHPS data submission portal. Novaetus also provides survey response reports to each facility with aggregate responses or percentages (as appropriate) for each question to help your facility identify areas for improvement.

Once a facility has administered the survey twice, their data becomes eligible to be publicly reported.   Survey results from three global ratings and three composite measures will be publicly reported.

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