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The Home Health Care CAHPS Survey (HHCAHPS) is part of a family of CAHPS surveys that ask patients to report on and rate their experiences with their home health care provider. The HHCAHPS survey  was designed to measure and assess the experiences of people receiving home health care with the following three goals in min

  • To produce comparable data on patient satisfaction;
  • To create incentives for agencies to improve their quality of care through public reporting of survey results; and
  • To hold health care providers accountable by informing  consumers

Beginning in third quarter of 2010, Home Health agencies have been required by CMS to conduct CAHPS surveys of their patients.  There are currently 34 standard questions on the survey. The final data  that is reported to CMS  is “de-identified" -  that is reported to CMS based on patient ID number - not by patient name.   An optional 35th question can be added where the patient grants their permission to share their specific information with their home health provider.

The data collected from vendors is adjusted and publicly reported on CMS Home Health Compare web page once a home health agency has collected a year’s worth of data. The publicly reported data includes three composite measures in areas of “communication”, “patient care” and “specific care issues”; plus two global measures of the home health agency’s performance.


  • Established CAHPS Mail Mode vendor
  • Personal support provided to your facility from a Novaetus staff member
  • Response Reports provided to facilities after each survey administration period
  • Surveys offered in English, Spanish, Chinese and Samoan
  • Toll free support number for patients with interpreter provided in 30+ languages.
  • Additional or supplemental questions MAY be added to questionnaire
  • Affordable solutions for single site and multi-site locations