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CAHPS ® Hospice Surveys

Fielding of CAHPS® Hospice surveys starts in earnest in 2015. Hospices with more than 50 or more decedents during the prior calendar year will need to establish a relationship with an approved Hospice CAHPS vendor, be prepared to submit data to that vendor for the purpose of surveying for at least one month in the “Dry Run” period, and survey patients on a monthly basis from that period going forward. The Dry Run period is based on patients who had deaths that occurred in the first quarter of 2015 (January, February and March of 2015) and must be initiated 2 months after the patient’s death. For Hospice agencies this means that CAHPS surveys for the Dry Run will be fielded in the months of April, May and June of 2015. Failure to participate in the CAHPS Hospice surveys for non-exempt Hospices can result in a 2 % reduction in your APU.

Novaetus is an approved CAHPS vendor for all three modes, mail, telephone and mixed. There are pros and cons to all of the modes allowed and the choice of mode to conduct surveys is entirely a decision of a hospice’s administrative staff. Your Novaetus CAHPS Consultant will work with you to determine which CAHPS mode is the best fit for your Hospice.

CAHPS Hospice Survey Facts

The CAHPS Hospice survey is 47 questions long and will be available in English and Spanish.
Surveys responses will be used to calculate 8 quality measures:

  • Hospice Team Communication
  • Getting Timely Care
  • Treating Family Member with Respect
  • Providing Emotional Support
  • Getting Help for Symptoms
  • Information Continuity
  • Understanding the Side Effects of Pain Medication
  • Getting Hospice Care Training (Home Setting of Care Only)

Why Novaetus?

Novaetus is a veteran patient experience and CAHPS solution provider. Currently, we are an approved vendor for the following CAHPS surveys.

  • HH CAHPS (Home Health)
  • PCMH CAHPS (Patient Centered Medical Home Physician Practices)
  • CG CAHPS (Clinical Group for Physician practices)
  • ICH CAHPS (In-center Hemodialysis)

Novaetus Hospice CAHPS surveys include:

Monthly Response Reports
These reports include information on the number of surveys sent that month, the number of responses and your calculated response rate, your decedent/caregivers responses for each question, other comments as decedent/caregiver permission allows, and aggregate responses for benchmarking purposes.

Quarterly Snapshot Reports
The quarterly snapshot report includes a calculated result based on your responses to help your hospice better understand if you are performing above or below the aggregated response percentage.

Annual Review Report
The annual review report summarizes your performance for the entire year

CAHPS Hospice Survey Web Cast Training
Novaetus regularly offers CAHPS survey training via webcast, as well as other helpful information related to hospital administration.

CAHPS Survey Best Practices
Quality improvement insight and techniques to help raise your CAHPS scores.

CAHPS Hospice Survey “Communicating with Referral Sources” webcast
As public reporting of CAHPS scores grows closer, Novaetus offers a special webcast on how to communicate your CAHPS scores with referrals sources. This webcast is particularly helpful for hospice marketing liaisons, and includes basic information on CAHPS survey and what they measure, how to communicate above benchmark scores to referral sources and more.

Novaetus Hospice CAHPS Circle of Excellence
Novaetus Hospice clients whose publicly reported results are above or at benchmark data on all composite measures will be included in the Circle of Excellence Group. Inclusion in the group will include a media kit created specifically for your hospice that includes framed certificate that commemorates the achievement, a “branded” flyer with CAHPS survey results suitable for sharing, and a “boiler-plate” press release that highlights your Hospice’s achievements.