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About Novaetus, Inc.

Novaetus is a full service marketing and customer experience service provider. Based in Michigan, the Novaetus team of experts deliver a wide range of services.

Our success is built on a systematic, research driven approach that provides powerful strategies to clearly define the advantages of doing business with you.

Novaetus Helps Companies Develop Marketing Plans that Work

Your marketing plan is a step-by-step guide for your company's success. Unlike a business plan, which is meant to sell a company to investors, financial backers, or key management, marketing plans provide a “road map” for how a company engages and acquires customers and revenue.


  • Market Research
  • CAHPS® Surveys
  • Website Development
  • Customer Experience surveys
  • Patient Experience Surveys
  • Referral Source Surveying
  • Marketing and Sales Collateral Development
  • NPS® Surveys and Scoring
  • Advertising Campaigns